Tattoo Removal in Albuquerque, NM

How effective is laser tattoo removal?

Most tattoos disappear over 95% with treatment.

Results may vary depending on certain factors:

  • Type of ink
  • How deep the tattoo is
  • How old the tattoo is

What should I expect from a laser tattoo removal treatment?

Prior to treatment, one of the doctors discusses your goals with you during a free consultation. Next, they work with you to develop a custom treatment plan.

The amount of time it takes to remove your tattoo depends on its size and complexity. Tattoo removal sessions at Sana Spa typically last about five minutes. Most tattoos require about 10 treatments for optimal results.

Before you leave, your doctor gives you information on how to clean and care for the treated area.

If you’re looking for the best option for laser tattoo removal, call Sana Spa today.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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