Stem Cell Facial

What is a Stem Cell facial?

A stem cell facial is an innovative facial treatment that uses a treatment that uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to restore a youthful appearance to your facial skin. The stem cell facial also called PRP or Micro PRP and is a non-surgical treatment that lifts and firms your skin with natural-looking results. It’s a great treatment if you’re concerned about signs of aging but don’t have imperfections that would be better addressed with a more invasive treatment like a facelift.

How is the Stem Cell Facial different?

The Stem Cell Facial is different from cosmetic injectables like JUVÉDERM® in that it does not add volume, but rather, stimulates your own collagen production and cell migration to eliminate lines and wrinkles. The results are subtle and natural, and last up to two years.

What happens during a stem cell facial?

You’ll be under the best care when you choose Sana Spa to provide your Stem Cell Facial. Your Sana Spa provider has trained with some of the best cosmetic doctors in the United States, receiving a stellar education and knowledge that leads to effective anti-aging skincare. A stem cell facial takes 30-60 minutes and begins like most other facial treatments. Your doctor talks to you about your skin concerns and skin care habits. Then, they thoroughly cleanse your skin. Your doctor draws a small sample of your blood. This is where the stem cell facial deviates from other facials.

Your doctor separates the platelets from your blood with a centrifuge and creates a PRP serum that is rich in the growth factors found in your platelets.

PRP injections rejuvenate your skin in two ways. First, the PRP serum is full of the human growth factors needed for healthy cell development and growth. Second, the injections make micro-injuries in your skin that trigger your body’s natural healing response, flooding your skin with oxygen and nutrients to heal your skin. The best way to visualize PRP is to remember the yellow “goo” that surrounded the scab you had when you fell on your knee as a child. The thickening of the serum to form that yellow material holds specific growth factors in place that call stem cells to the area and activates them to create new skin.

Can the Stem Cell Facial be Combined with Fillers?

Yes, and we often recommend patients combine the Stem Cell Facelift with hyaluronic acid fillers like JUVÉDERM®. PRPs attach to filler to stimulate collagen production, providing better volume results. PRPs also make traditional fillers last longer, giving you younger skin.

What should I expect after a stem cell facial?

After your stem cell facial is complete, you may experience some redness and tenderness from the injections. You can use a cold compress, but don’t take aspirin or other painkillers unless your doctor recommends it. The redness subsides quickly, and you shouldn’t need to take any time away from your normal activities after your stem cell facial.

You start to notice that your skin becomes tighter and looks more youthful in the weeks following your stem cell facial. The anti-aging effects of a stem cell facial should last for up to two years.

If you’re interested in a stem cell facial to reduce the signs of aging, call to book an appointment today. Sana Spa is one of the top providers of PRP therapy in the country. Whether you combine it with Botox®, JUVÉDERM®, the result is younger skin that is bright and beautiful. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at our wellness spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

*Individual results may vary.

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