Novathread PDO Thread Lift in Albuquerque, NM

Novathread PDO Thread Lift

Minimally-invasive aesthetic procedure known as thread lifting.

Thread-lift procedures are most commonly performed using local anesthesia (they can also be done with IV sedation or general anesthesia). After the skin is properly prepped, local anesthesia (usually 1% lidocaine with epinephrine) is injected into the insertion site. The threads are introduced into the skin through a fine needle- into either the skin itself, the muscle, or the subcutaneous fat. The types and number of threads inserted will depend on many factors, including the area being worked on, the age of the patient and the current condition of the skin, and whether the goal of treatment is a face lift or facial rejuvenation. After the threads are placed, the needle is removed, leaving the threads under the skin. The procedure can last 30-45 minutes.


  • Thread-lifting is a relatively quick procedure and is often referred to as a “lunch-hour facelift”
  • Patients can return to normal activity almost immediately
  • There is usually less pain and bruising than a surgical procedure
  • As the procedure is done under local anesthesia, the patient can actively engage with the physician to control the degree of skin-lifting
  • The procedure yields immediate results, and makes over-stretching less likely
  • It is much less expensive than a surgical procedure. Thread-lifting procedures typically run between $1500-4500. This is estimated to be about 40% of the cost of a surgical facelift